Earlier this year beloved songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil aka DEAR READER released a really sweet new album called Day Fever and today she’s already unveiling brand new music. Think I’m In Love, however, is not of MacNeil’s own creations but a cover of a quite underrated BECK single from the year 2006. She keeps the groove of the original alive but adds a tender electronic character to it. She explains the pick with the following words:

‘I’ve always been a BECK fan, but it was not until ‘Morning Phase’ came out a couple of years ago that he became one of my favourite artists. I loved that record so much that I started diving into BECK’s extensive back catalogue, and that’s when I unearthed ‘Think I’m In Love’. I love the laid-back, light quality the song has. It’s something I struggle to bring into my own song-writing, so I figured I would borrow it.

My band and I spent a day in the rehearsal room recording the song with two microphones and we had a lot of fun doing it. And then while we were camping at a festival this summer we drunkenly decided to film a music video on Olga’s mobile phone. It’s all rather silly, and that’s just what the doctor ordered.’

There’s also a whole bunch of new DEAR READER tour dates waiting for you below the exclusive world premiere of Think I’m In Love right here.