Danish/ Finnish collective Liima just released a really stunning second album that goes by the name 1982. And a title like that obviously calls for a throwback in terms of sound although the record indeed doesn’t like a pure retro affair. Instead the group around Efterklang members Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Rasmus Stolberg as well as percussionist Tatu Rönkkö got itself inspired by the sounds and musical power of their childhood as the new album seeks to recreate the value and the impact that music can have on your life.

Despite that futuristic approach NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION decided to travel back in time as Liima‘s Casper Clausen compiled and mixed an exclusive ‘early 80s’ tape for us, featuring some all-time favourites. Further information about the ‘1982’ theme can be found in the short interview below.

The year 1982 is a key element of your new album and also the mix, apparently. Since I was born in 1984 please tell me what was so special about it.
It could’ve been any year in the beginning of the 80’s really, 1984 included, we’re all born between 1980 to 1983, and possibly 1984 would have been a more fitting title. The reason; I happen to be the one born in 1982 and I’m making the lyrics and singing.

Please tell us a bit about the character of your guestmix and the songs in it?
My mix is based on music and movies from the beginning of the 80’s. Music that still resonates with us and inspires us, movies that defines the time, or it’s the other way around, something like that. During the making of 1982 we realized that at the time when we were born, a lot of pop art had beautiful futuristic aestestics, alongside a dark and catchy dystopia, like in Blade Runner, they walk hand in hand. What does the future look like. This mix is celebrating our favourite futuristic tunes from the years around 1982 and a new Liima song to close it off.

Any highlights in it we should take a closer look at?
Many, here’s a few. Joy Division is on the edge of the 80’s, more like end 70’s, but I felt it was necesary to involve it somehow as they were a great inspiration of the sound of 1982, a sort of common reference we all had and that we found with the help of our friend Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear, who co-produced the album with us. Also Japanese artist Yasuaki Shimizu and his album Kakashi from 1982 is such a gem, mindblowing album you should all check out, think it has just been re-released by a japanese label.

Turns out Thriller by Michael Jackson was released in that year as well and is still – to that date – the most successful album of all time. What’s your relationship towards it?
True, I love that album, c’mon who doesn’t? Michael Jackson is so sharp and sexy. It wasn’t the MJ album I connected to first though, that was BAD then HiStory and then on. I bet that 1982 was a great time to be a big record label.

What’s the tune on the new Liima album you can recommend people if they want to get started with your music?
I think you should put the new album on, I’m very proud of it! And it starts with 1982 title track, that sets the mood.

Get ready for a journey back in time and enjoy this smooth selection right here.

NBHAP Guestmix by Liima. Tracklist:

01. Joy Division – Isolation
02. Vangelis – Tears In Rain/ Blade Runner Main Theme
03. Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi
04. Paul Horn – China
05. Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4
06. Scene from the movie ‘TRON’
07. Melody of 1982 videogame ‘Utopia’
08. Brian Eno – An Ending
09. Scene from the movie ‘E.T’
10. Sade – Why can’t we live together
11. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Music for nine postcards
12. William Onyeabor – Good Name
13. Laid Back – Fly Away/ Walking in the sunshine
14. Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
15. Kliché – Havets Blå
16. Liima – Life is Dangerous