Now, this is the sort of sound that really makes you forget about the current bleak winter days. Trust by AGE sounds like a fresh dose of sunshine to make your day essentially better. Made up of Jen Cosgrave and Gavin Dwight from Hackney, East London, the duo has mixed up bedroom and professional studio sessions, resulting in this charming and joyful mixture of multiple musical worlds.

Their first two singles in 2017 – Peaks and Dislocate – alread gave a hint of what to expect from these folks and the new material surely doesn’t disappoint. On their upcoming debut EP Crush (Out on March 29), AGE worked with producer Paddy Baird to create a collection of songs that document the breakdown of a relationship and a search for what might be salvaged. It’s about desire, holding tension and also about letting go, all combined within a tempting pop formula. Check out the world premiere of Trust right here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.