Our last encounter with Luxembourg-based three-piece Monophona dates back to early 2013 (when we interviewed them) but although they somehow slipped under our radar doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lazy (they released a new LP album called Black On Black in 2015). This week they resurface on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION with the exclusive stream of their new album Girls On Bikes Boys Who Sing, ahead of its official release on October 20 via Kapitän Platte.

Fans of tender indietronic sounds should give the new trip-hop infected full-length definitely a spin. It comes with swet amount of tenderness and electronic empathy and especially the vocals of Claudine Muno got that tempting feeling that just captivates the listener. However, songs like Tick Of A Clock intoduce a rougher and angrier side of the rio with Girls On Bikes Boys Who Sing and according to Monophona that got a reason:

‘With everything that happened in the world these last two years, it seemed impossible to write only about personal matters and shut out world events. When we were young, we didn’t think that the world in the 21rst century would be like this – we thought it might be freer, more tolerant.

Unfortunately while more and more people have access to individual freedom, many still have to fight for the most basic human rights, like to ride a bike if they want to, to sing about whatever is on their mind…’

Since we always support poltical awareness and good music, it’s great to see a band simply combining both on one lovely album. Show your support right here.