If you’ve been following NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION for a few years now you might be aware that we’ve been watching the career of up and coming Danish indie pop darlings Blaue Blume for quite some time now. Following multiple changes in line-up and sound, the Copenhagen four-piece is about to return with a new EP called Sobs on November 17 via hfn music.

Today, we’re excited to digitally debut Ebony, another track of the EP which already showcases that the band isn’t interested in standing still when it comes to their sound. It’s more accessible and direct than their previous output with singer Jonas Smith’s quivering vocal still being the centre of attention. The group about the song:

‘The song is a picture of someone writing someone’s name on a window-pane and it’s about the very serious thoughts that make one do such a thing.’

Enjoy Ebony right here and watch out for the forthcoming Blaue Blume tour dates below.