2017 has been a standout year for Olso producer Coucheron. After stirring up waves of hype around himself with his 2015 Playground EP, he delivered on that hype this year with some knockout singles. The latest of those, UFO, featured fellow Norwegian rising star (and another who’s had a big 2017) ARY on vocals. It’s a zippy, bouncy piece of colourful dance music, one that’s just irresistibly energetic and fun. And it’s now got a video, which we’re premiering today.

The video, directed by Ask Sunde, matches the song’s breakneck, outlaw spirit, as it follows a gang of teenagers on a pop-gun, skateboarding rampage through Oslo. Coucheron says:

Of all the singles I released this year’s , UFO was the one I immediately felt needed a music video. I knew the reckless and kiddy attitude of the song would translate to the screen somehow, and Ask Sunde (director) had an awesome vision for how it could be done. The video was shot in Oslo alongside his friends, doing dumb stuff. I’m hoping that’s what the song makes you feel like doing. I drove into a tree after listening to it.

UFO is out now on Toothfairy, and new music from Coucheron is due in 2018