If the car occupies a central place in the grand mythology of American music, the bus might said to sit in a similar place in the heart of European indie (just look at how many early Arctic Monkeys tracks find their setting there). And love at the bus stop is the story of the new single from Swedish gang Delbo Beach Club (Alexander Kuronen, Ebba Vikdahl, Jesper Jonason, Stas Neylik and Erik Björklund), Talking In My Head, of which we’re delighted to have the first listen for you here today.

The band’s second single, it’s a sugar-sweet piece of scrappy, chirpy indie rock, a charming cocktail of snappy guitar lines and nervous romantic angst, the story of trying to find the best way to breach the dam of your feelings to someone when presented with the opportunity (at a bus stop obviously). Check it out and read a quick Q&A with the band below.

So you’ve had some line-up changes since the first single, what’s been happening?

Well, what has happened basically is that two of our members dropped out, one due to studying at the university and the other for personal reasons. Nothing special really. Sometimes there isn’t enough time for everyone to enjoy being in a band. We’ve since then recruited both an awesome new guitarist, bass-player and keyboard-player to the band. Ebba Vikdahl, who formerly played guitar in Matriarkatet, Stanislav who used to play bass in Star Horse and Jesper who has been rocking the keytar since he first saw the light of day.

Tell us the story of Talking In My Head.

The story is pretty simple. I met this girl one night when I recently had moved to Stockholm. It was just after a rehearsal so I had my guitar with me. Was out for a few beers with a couple of my bandmates. Then eventually my bandmates left and there I was with this girl. We talked all night and ended up somewhere near Södermalmstorg where we sat and played my electric guitar (unplugged) and sang tunes we had written ourselves, smoking cigarettes and just being caught in the moment. It was February, so it was totally freezing outside but we stayed outside for like 2 – 3 hours.

The main concept was that I did want to tell her everything, but at the same time I didn’t want to lie. So I ended up ‘Talking In My Head’ and I wrote the song the following day.

You’re due to release an EP later this year, how far along are you with that and what should we expect from it?

Yes, we are due with an EP. We are actually finished with it. It has been sent to mixing & mastering then it will be released somewhere after that. I’ll leave details of its release to Axel & Sixten at Rama Lama Records. But it’s coming! Finally! Has been a long process to make it happen. Even though it wasn’t that hard.

You can expect it to be four tracks, and that it has some jangly pop n’ roll tunes on it. Or ‘burger-pop’ tunes if you’d like that description better. That’s what some American blogger thought about our first single ‘All The Way Home‘. That it was like ‘a perfect hamburger’.

Talking In My Head is out on Rama Lama on April 3.