When they debuted back in 2016 with Coming Through Me, Stockholm duo Ease (Niclas Lindgren and Siri Jennefelt) were distinctive for their old-school synth sound, with a rumbling muscle to their music that made them stand out. Since then they’ve spread out into different styles across two EPs (Latest Aches and Let It Burn, Let It Die), making heavy-duty intensity electronica their signature sound.

Just over a year since their last release, they’re now back with a new single, one that moves their sound into new territory again, and we’ve got the first listen for you here today. Teaching Crimes isn’t as heavy or low-end as their earlier work. Instead, it’s lightning-bolt sharp and bright, with synths flashing and striking at rocket speed. The band take that sound and mould into into a high-octane, dancefloor-ready song, one loaded with menace and darkness. You can check it out and read a Q&A with the band below.

So tell us a little about Teaching Crimes. How was the song written and what is it about? What does the phrase ‘Teaching Crimes’ mean to you?
Niclas: The song is a meditation about submitting yourself to something bigger, a movement or a cult perhaps. Classic Ease lyrics in other words.

Siri: We wanted to do a piece of music that was fast and furious. The song is about a feeling of ecstasy and manipulation.

Teaching Crimes is much more up-tempo and intense than a lot of your earlier work, less built around that old-school classic synth sound you explored on the first two EPs. How would you say it’s different from your earlier stuff, and do you think it marks where your sound is headed?
N: I remember that we said that we would try to do more minimalistic productions, but this one went straight the other way, haha. I think it shares that cinematic vibe which our songs usually have.

S:I think we wanted to something more stripped, more straight up, and perhaps that is where our sound is heading right now.

So it’s been a year since your last release, what have you been working on in that time?
N: We had a little pause after we released Let it Burn, Let it Die  But during this spring we started to write new songs again and produced demos. We also did a new live set with new versions of our old songs. (Sonic Feelings live ) Which we performed a few times.

After this single, what’s next up for Ease?
S:We are actually going to Cuba for a while, But don’t worry we will be back!

Teaching Crimes is out now