Look, when I got the mail about this song, I honestly didn’t think I’d end up writing about it, because nothing makes you question whether you’re in the right job than when you have to deal with something called Swallowing My Own Piss. But hey, it’s a great song, so here we are. Norwegian musician EGGE is a discovery of the Kakkmaddafakka crew, who met him at a party last summer, where he pushed some music on them which led to him getting signed to their label Bergen Mafia Records. And now we’ve got his debut single called, well, Swallowing My Own Piss, which we’re happy to debut for you here today.

So what makes this song good enough to get past its name? Well, an awful lot. Swallowing My Own Piss is a raw, abrasive, abusive anthem in the style of Car Seat Headrest. EGGE‘s vocal, a howl that swerves from boredom to disdain to despair in the middle of a storm of guitar squall for a song that sounds big, and that has a way of forcing you to sing along with it.

EGGE says:

Swallowing My Own Piss is a rock song about things going around and around in a circle. I wrote it after I lost my job and thought i saw my former boss everywhere. I thought every bold man was him. It was terrifying and made me feel really happy.’

Swallowing My Own Piss is out on February 1 on Bergen Mafia Records. EGGE’s debut album EGGE Stadium is out in March.