Look, it’s October now, summer is long gone, dead, done with, get over it. But for anyone who’s feeling nostalgic, this might be the clip for you. Era Isabel is a Swedish singer-songwriter, who released an EP called DNA360 late last year. One of that tracks on that EP was Singing Road, and now that track has got a video to go with it, which we’re very happy to premiere for you here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

Singing Road is a lush, grand piece of forest pop, built from soft vocals and gentle piano notes that later swell up into a rousing chorus. The singer about the track: ‘The meaning of the song is crucial for me as I aim to speak to the very source that is guiding me. The dreams being portals for communication. This is my Pearl. My precious jewel.’ The song now also got an atmospheric music video to match, filmed at a old manor in the Swedish countryside. Isabel says:

‘We shot the film during three magical days on a paradise island, with a carefully produced script and the most beautiful friends I know. After the very last scene was shot we ended up in a circle. As we looked down we saw that the branches had formed a peace sign. And so it was. The experience of sharing deep moments of connection and finding home in togetherness. During these days I could sense an immediate ‘letting go and trusting the process.

There are 3 stories that somehow are connected to the video. The roots, the base and the branches. The roots are the origin of the song. The base is where the true story of a wounded friend turned up. The director Henric Hemmerlind met his old friend Claudia crying on a street in central Stockholm.

This was when the idea was born. A journey of healing. Is there a possibility in acting to actually heal and rewrite the story? To transform pain into beauty and friendship? The branches are my interpretation of the spiritual essence in the need of mankind at this moment of time. The exchange of the patriarchal domination towards a feminine path. This is also symbolically portrayed in the video. The heart and the mind shifting positions and eventually landing in the androgynous force that is my role in the video, a middle path. Being a catalyst for the divine forces of nature.’

The DNA360 EP is out now on Lab259, and Era Isabel will release a remix EP on October 20th. You can check out the wonderful new music video right here.