Some things just take a bit time and in the case of talented Swedish songwriter Erik Jonasson that somehow has become the theme for his release strategy. The young gentleman isn’t eager to rush things as it usually takes him a few months to come up with a new song. Following the wonderful first mesmerizing releases Like A Funeral and Autumn Falls he now returns with Those Words, his first new single in a year.

And yes, of course NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is on board when it comes to the world exclusive premiere of new material by Mr. Jonasson. And we also took the chance to ask him a few questions, starting with the most obvious one.

It’s been a year since your last single. What took you so long?

Due to different circumstances, one of them is that I wanted to have more songs ready to the next release before releasing this one. Another reason is that both me and my producer is kind of perfectionists. The same song can sound in a lot of different ways even with the same lyrics and chords. Often we record and start over again before we find something that feels one hundred percent right. It takes a lot of time, but I think it’s important to give music the respect it deserves.

Tell us a bit about the notion and character of Those Words

I wrote the first words to the song when I was in a relationship with a person who thought that all the feelings you can feel in a relationship like jealousy, love, belong to someone and to want to be exclusive is a construction made by the society. Something we’ve been fooled to believe in. I realised we didn’t want the same kind of relationship, but I was in love and I agreed on something I didn’t really wanted or believed in. The second part of the song is written two yeas later, when I had more perspective of what happened back then.

What can we expect from you in the next months? Maybe even more new music?

At the time of writing I’m working with a photographer who’s making a video for the song, which will be released a couple of days after the single. In current mode the plan is to release an EP in the beginning of 2018.

People are about to experience your new single for the first time. What would be the best setting for them to listen to it?

It’s not really a song you put on on a party. Otherwise I think you can listen to this song pretty much anywhere. I imagine people listen to this song on the bus on their way home, while cooking food or while walking aimlessly. It’s a song that involves a lot of thoughts and reflections and therefore I think people should listen to this song when they have time to actually listen to the lyrics.

Wherever you are we sincerely hope you will enjoy the stunning new Erik Jonasson single Those Words right here.