Photo by Peter Hauser

As we are approaching our annual summer break we can’t help but craving for a little holiday. Until we get one, Swiss lo-fi rockers FAI BABA are kind enough to take us to foreign places with their latest music video for Don’t Belong Here, directed by Jessie Fischer.

We already told you about songwriter Fabian Sigmund and his companion, drummer Domi Chansorn, last fall and can still recommend the duo’s most recent LP release, Sad And Horny. Don’t Belong Here is one of the record’s smoother pieces, fitting perfectly to the upcoming summer days. The music video sees a nameless protagonist wandering around exotic and partly surrealistic places while the viewer is left wondering whether this is past, present or just daydreaming. It’s bit like that confusing new Twin Peaks series, right?David Lynch would really enjoy this clip.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the FAI BABA video premiere below and also present the band’s upcoming European tour which is about to start next week.