There’s really not much you can do when a heat wave like the one we’re facing in Europe this summer is hitting you that hard. Hiding in a cool basement, swimming in a lake, sleeping next to your fridge – the possibilities are limited while you’re sweating like there’s no tomorrow. Having a cold drink is one opportunity and Norwegian pop newcomer Fred Well surely understood that concept and even took it one step further with his current Magnetic Thursdays campaign which sees him releasing one new song on each Thursday, accompanied by a fitting cocktail recipe, based upon that drink. And that, girls and boys, is an idea we can surely get behind.

That’s how your ‘Inferno’ should look like

‘We came up with idea when I posted a picture of me on Instagram, making a cocktail,’ Fred Well expalins the concept to us. Later they did a video for it as well since ‘music and cocktails are two of my favorite things’ as he explains. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly presents the song AND cocktail recipe for Inferno. Okay, so that’s a first for this media, right? ‘It’s a perfect summer drink,’ describes Well the Inferno. The Bergen-based artist who started his passion for mixing drinks after reading the famous PDT Cocktail Book a few years back already supported fellow Norwegian shootingstar Sigird on her latest tour and his charming and catchy R&B-infected electro pop is definitely one that perfectly fits to the current climatic conditions.

So, any additional tips from Mr. Well?

‘Just enjoy it with your friends, have a good time and listen to both the original and the remix of Inferno.’

Well, we surely do. Inferno is out now, don’t forget to play it at your next pool party and have the fifting cold drink ready by then. The recipe can be found below the lyric video.