Photo by Meike Willner

Fans of delicate and tender singer/songwriter sounds: If you made it this far you won’t be disappoint about what we are debuting right here. German group FRÈRE deliver gentle material on their latest single Trains, one that reminds us of artists like JOSÉ GONZALEZ or THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH. It’s a piece carried by hopeful melancholia or as the band describes it:

‘It’s a song about spending lots of your life in trains, dreaming of someone you want to be with. It is about being totally aware of the problem, that being on the run (on a train) is exactly where you belong right now. It’s about the idea of coming home, when you don’t know exactly what that is.’

All dreamers can expect more music by FRÈRE later this year as they are about release their debut album Void on September the 1st via popup-records. For now, please joy Trains right here.