Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Harp Samuels got a lot of topics to sing about, that much is for sure. His forthcoming new album Breathe is inspired by the recent loss of his father and also the previous loss of his mother. In many ways it is an alphabetically ordered ode to chaos, tension, hope as the distinctive artist epxlores his personal relation relationship with the eternal. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION debuts a new song from it in the form of the cinematic Evermore.

It’s a tender and soft yet very powerful affair, one that forces the listener to slow down for a bit, give the song its space to unfold its beauty. ‘I wrote Evermore from a midi sample that I fell in love with,’ Harp Samuels explains. ‘Before you know it, I was throwing layers over layers, complete with an organ solo, that ended up being a folktronic vocal soundtrack.’

He really knows how to mix these gentle folk moments with fragile ambient textures and we really like this wonderful combination and the story behind it as he explains:

‘Evermore is about the afterlife, the search for eternity, an imagination of what heaven could look like.  Losing both parents puts you in this ethereal and spiritual place where eternity seems closer, curiosity takes over you, and an awareness of life’s fragility is ever present.’

Feel happily invited to join this wonderful journey right here.