Oh, the digital age. What a blessing, what a burden, what a bloody mess! It affects us all and it’s good to see that it also forces a new generation to reflect on the way we all interact with the digital extension of ourselves. German four-piece HYMMJ belongs to that generation and their new single Giving Myself A Chance is a critical take on our contemporary online behaviour. How do we deal with high expectations of the digital image of people, the false imagery they create? It can be a exhausting affair.

HYMMJ however confrot it with an energizing sound that might start like a sinister piece of Bowie-esque New Wave pop before it builds up into a massive psychedelic rocker. There’s something quite infectious about this one and we can only imagine how nice it might sound live. The simple yet effective music video underlines the notion of the song as singer Sønke Piet confirms to us:

‘We didn’t want to build a facade around the song, but show exactly what we are through our music and what our music is through us. In a somehow sincere, but mainly very ironic way. So instead of visualizing the meaning of the song through an extensive storyline, we broke it down to the essence inherent in probably every music video and had plenty of fun with it.

We shot four one-take performances in which each one of us sits on a chair in front of a white wall reacting to the music and the camera. We didn’t know what would happen, but similar to our song writing, anything that feels good in the moment of its creation is the most honest outcome and the best way to introduce our music.’

And if you like more from these talented folks – their second EP will arrive this spring and in the meantime you can still check out their debut release A Potential Cause For Rain. The single Giving Myself A Chance arrives on January 11 and you can witness the world premiere of it right here.