Short, yet quite efficient. Within three minutes British songwriter William Clapson aka Jack In Water delivers a haunting journey from quiet to … well, not so quiet emotional grounds. His latest single All I Want is a mesmerizing little songwriter gem that takes the listener on a tender short journey. It also showcases Clapson’s profound songwriting skills which really call for a bigger audience, don’t you agree?

All I Want is taken from the upcoming Jack In Water debut EP Absence which will arrive this Friday on November 30 via Nettwerk and here’s what he’s what the singer got to say about it:

‘All I want’ is a reflection of my attempt to be less absent. In it I try to articulate some of the things that distract me from being honest with myself and those I care about; the silly distractions or fears that pull you out of the moment. It is really easy to get wrapped up in focusing on things that you need to make better in your life or the things that you want and I wanted the song to act as a reminder for me (or anyone else that tends to get to caught up in these things) to feel happy with what I/they have and not get wrapped up in the future or the past.

It sounds kind of cliche, but I think sometimes meeting someone that makes you feel ok as you are helps you trust that you are actually ok and you don’t need to change this endless list of things about you in order to be a good person. The song is about accepting yourself and your situation and being grateful for all of it.

Enjoy the world premiere of this lovely piece right here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.