Now, this is the sound we surely need on a Monday morning. Just in time for the start of a new week Mysterious project LAKEDAIMON delivers a hypnotizing ode to the sleep itself. Well, he couldn’t have picked a better day to unravel this floating music video exclusively via NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, that much is for sure. Following the previously released Inhale/Exhale and Walking On Porcelain the delicate Sweet Sleep is the third part in a triptych of songs LAKEDAIMON mastermind Joe has written in London.

For this new project Joe teamed up with Munich-based producer Occupanther to create this very smooth and partly nocturnal modern synthpop. Sweet Sleep is a perfect example for that, a fragile and very delicate song about loneliness, isolation and escape. Longtime collaborator Simon Reichel was responsible for the fitting music video that features Ryan Scardighli and was shot in Los Angeles. Joe about the vision:

‘We have worked with Simon Reichel many times in the past with our other band, Dobré, and always wanted to create something for LAKEDAIMON together as well. Since he was working in L.A. a lot at that time we didn’t get a chance until the release of our third single ‘Sweet Sleep’ … He used footage he shot in California, added some 3D-animations and like that he took the song to a deeper, more existential level. It really adds to the haunting atmosphere of the song.’

And the result is a fitting audiovisual companion to this Monday blues. We totally leave it up to you whether you want to stay in bed to enjoy this one as long as you hit the ‘play’ button right here.