Following yesterday’s hurricane in Berlin (which is quite an unusual weather phenomenon for the German capital), the clouds are indeed hanging low above the city today as we look outside our office window. Well, feels like a fitting opportunity to debut a track that is not only named Clouds but also captures the current dreamy and melancholic atmosphere on this grey Friday morning.

The band behind the song goes by the name Lalume, a Norwegian-Australian duo which is also based in Berlin. They are currently recording their full-length debut at the city’s legendary Funkhaus studios. They furthermore plan to release a new song every month ahead of the album’s intended release next September. Clouds is a fitting way to start the campaign and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the world premiere of its music video right below Lalume‘s thoughts about their new song.

‘Clouds is about the misty, nebulous sensation you get when somebody occupies all of your thoughts. We chose to use ropes and bondage in our video to represent the feeling of being bound to a memory and unable to move on. We used elaborate headdresses to represent that otherworldly… dreamlike … embellished form that feelings of nostalgia conjure. We wanted to keep the video dark and minimal, like the song.’