Nothing Sweeter by Lea Lu is that sort of song that feels like a comforting warm blanket that’s been laid on your tormented soul. It’s a calm but also uplifting piece of delicate folk pop from the songwriter that got roots in Poland, Spain and France while growing up in Zürich. The track is taken from her latest EP Rabbit and according to the artist it’s her most personal song so far, something you immediately sense when listening to it. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives this lovely track the limelight it deserves by debuting the tremendous black and white music video for it.

Here’s what Lea Lu got to say about the track and its accompanying clip:

‘This song came directly from a quite lonely and dark place and it took some courage to release it as raw and direct as it was. Sharing this story and the songs with people around me, musicians on stage and the audience in the public made me see that we can find strength in the encounter. And that happiness means not only laughing and feeling positive, but feeling at all and knowing where we come from and what made us who we are.

It’s also about dealing with our emotions and understanding them. After that, everything is possible. I’m very happy to have the wonderful women Marta Sokol, Gülsha Adilji and Rahel Durrer with me in the video, telling the story by not acting, but just being themselves. They are my muses!’

And indeed, Lea and her squad deliver a powerful performance in the Samuel Periard-directed video, especially by following a ‘less is more’-method that transports the reduced beauty of the track directly into the music video. Needless to say that you should hit the ‘play’ button right now.