Manuel Binder (Photo: Benjamin Kurtz) + Julian Stetter

Every once in a while, a small label crops up from the swamps of the German electronic scene, driven by passionate underground DJs, producers and avid lovers of dance music. In the case at hand, it’s the Hamburg DJ trio RSS DISCO and their lovely Mireia Records label, which over the course of the last couple years has put out a selection of vinyls loosely related by their roots in house music and their affinity to the dance floor.

Following in that vein is MANUEL BINDER and JULIAN STETTER’s collaboration Porto, which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to premiere. STETTER, known to some of you as part of Cologne-based electronica duo VIMES, and BINDER create a soundscape that both recalls the longing feeling of a late summer ending too soon, and the more bleak undertones present in STETTER’s other projects.

Porto is going to come out on coloured vinyl as part of the RSS DISCO Compilation We’ll Sea, also featuring tracks by DAS KOMPLEX and CONGA FEVER. In the meantime, listen to the track below: