Me And My Drummer - Photo by Sash Berg

Photo by Sash Berg

Being longtime fans of Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs aka ME AND MY DRUMMER we’re more than happy to present brand new music by the German two-piece today. Bloodmoon is their first new single since last year’s really sweet second album Love Is A Fridge. It’s a gloomy and soulful piece of bluesy sweetness and we surely want more of this. Here’s what singer Charlotte got to say about it:

‘Certain wisdom lies only inside that capsule of the past. You have to go back on your time-spiral to find the crux. Your memo from the early days, incarnated as a creature, as a human body, that needs protection and nurturing, was robbed, was taken away from you. Go, inside whatever fucked up world you live in, unsheathe your sword and rescue the Bloodmoon Child.’

Well, we have nothing to add here. Enjoy the duo’s new material right now.