Norwegian artist Nea grew up musically on the road, having spent the last couple of years travelling around and busking in the US, Australia and Asia. Now back in Trondheim, she’s gone into the studio and emerged with her debut single. That single is called All Sunshine, and we’re delighted to bring you the first listen today.

It’s the most immediate and obvious thing to say about it, but All Sunshine is a song that fits its name perfectly. You know that summer image, when the light shines into a room in such a way that you can see the shafts as they illuminate their surroundings? Well, All Sunshine sounds like that looks, a warm, glowing, slow-moving song. Nea lets the song breathe slowly, a minimalistic pairing of beats, guitars and a little hint of synths that her voice snakes around, which eventually flows into a soft-touch R&B chorus.

Nea says:

It was written on a dark evening in February. I had the big house all to myself and was just finished writing a long e-mail to a friend I hadn’t seen for years. Then I watched a live recording of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver, and this song came out in a matter of minutes. It’s written as a hypothetical letter to someone you’ve fallen out of contact with, but really do care about.

All Sunshine is out on December 14 on Diamond Club.