Originally from Iran before later moving to Oslo, Paria‘s entry into the music scene has been a successful one so far, racking up a couple of hundred thousand plays on the singles she’s released to date. But now she’s got something bigger in her sights – a debut EP, Popsicle, which lands tomorrow. Ahead of that, we’ve got the first listen to its latest single, Disappear.

Disappear sees the artist in a more simple and stripped back mode. Paria is confident enough in her voice to leave the song’s opening to it, accompanied by only a dabble of piano. From there, the song blooms into a soft, sad neo-soul ballad, a beautifully constructed, shimmering song.

Paria says:

‘I’ve been in a phase of struggling to find my musical style and aesthetic, so the process of making music has felt frustrating at times. I want to be able to write something pure without any external noise or internal worry. That was my new year’s resolution – to stop overthinking things and make music that comes right from my heart without polishing, because sometimes imperfection is what makes people feel and relate when listening to your art. Disappear is a step towards that resolution. I had goose-bumps the entire time I was writing it and I really hope that it makes people feel something.’

Disappear and Popsicle are out on February 8