We don’t know about your side of the internet but over here in Berlin spring already made a small first attendance a few days ago so we’re really in the mood for uplifting vibes and and music that works against winter’s cold grip. And in the debut single by PYRAME we found the perfect companion for this feeling. Where Are We Now? is a smooth piece of electronic bliss, enriched with French house flavour and a Cosmic 80s vibe while still feeling pretty contemporary. It’s a futuristic piece of retro electronica that works without using words. Well, technically that’s not really true as the song itself features a dialog that relates to a typical issue of our fast paced modern reality: two lovers are deeply touched by each other but don’t have enough time to spend at the same place before having to depart again. Man, this really needs to be the soundtrack of a proper movie.

PYRAME is the brainchild of producer David Naville, a traveller and cosmic poet who lives in Berlin. We don’t know much about him now but there’s something really tempting about this first impact, we must say. Where Are We Now? spreads melancholic disco vibes that also perfectly fit into the spring season. Today NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION premieres the song as a world exclusive right here and happily invites you all to turn it into your seasonal soundtrack as well.

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