Wherever Stockholm trio RABBII go, they tend to make their mark. Whether it’s with their sky-scraping pop music like Magestic, or when they were banned from Instagram after a bunch of whinging losers weren’t able to grasp the sociological subtleties of their last single All Men Must Die (they were banned after complaints about the song’s title), they leave a spark with every action. But for their new song they’re taking things in a softer direction. It’s called Left For Dead, and we’re delighted to have the first listen for you here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

Left For Dead is a song about a relationship wringing you out till you wonder what’s left, when the other half of that relationship doesn’t seem to be affected at all. In that theme, it’s musically subdued, Johanna Berglund’s voice floating low over soft beats and murmuring synths. But as it’s RABBII, they of course remember to write a chorus that locks itself into your head. Listen below, and read a Q’n’A and with the band.

Hi RABBII, tell us a little about Left For Dead.

There are so many songs about how you’re better without your ex, how you’re stronger, how I will survive. What if you won’t? What if your ex is the one stronger, better and happier. And you’re a zombie, never to be human again. And he made the right call to end it…

Your last couple of singles, Majestic and All Men Must Die, were both high-octane, big, powerful pop songs. How was it to take things at a different pace on this one, to make a softer, sad song?

Is it sadder? I mean, our songs always reflect the physical state we’re in. We were crazy mad when we wrote All Men Must Die. But then fall came. I was blue. Wanted to capture the one feeling I had this autumn and it was like this. A soft, sad song about how a person can destroy you.

A few months on from the Instagram-banning in the wake of All Men Must Die, are you still angry about how you were treated there? And do you think that incident shows that we shouldn’t think of these social media giants as fair or neutral bodies?

Yes. Still angry. I think we all should be more aware of the power of social media and the dudes and the algorithms behind it.

When a company has a monopoly as Facebook does, they dictate the rules. So if Facebook says male nipples, racism and misogyny are ok, and female nipples, feminism, and anti-fascism isn’t… then that’s the world almost everyone will see.

Screw freedom of speech and democracy, we must all bow down to the rules of Facebook, or wither away in the darkness of Ello. It’s crazy scary and you all better fucking stand up and fight because a fight is coming.

Finally, what’s on the way after Left For Dead? What are your plans for 2018?

We want to release a bunch of songs this year. So our goal is to release one track every other month. Do more tracks that make people think and feel. And play live, always.

Left For Dead is out on Hidden Mothers/ Roxy Recordings on February 2.