Norway has another band on the up, and their name is Selmer. Julian Karlsson, Sivert Bjørgum, Henrik Bakken, Mats Jøger, Erlend Sandegren Hisdal and Iver Armand Tandsether are the Oslo-based six-piece, and they debuted last year with the brightly-coloured digi-funk of Surfin’ With U. 2018 kicked off for the group with a new track, Palm Tree, a piece of spacey, lazy-day dreaming chill-rock, like a mellower vision of Mac DeMarco‘s Chamber Of Reflection. It’s now got a video, and we’ve got the first look at that video for you here.

Palm Tree is a perfect song to let your mind wander to, and the video matches that vibe with a Second-Life aping collage of old-school internet digi-art. Selmer, in their own words, say: ‘being in a perfect place, still not feelin perfect, cus u miss sumun’. The video’s creator Axel Berggraf Egenæs says:

‘The video is an eclectic mix of nostalgic vibes, beaches, lo-fi video-sampling, glitch effects and hallucinogenic visuals. The video is meant to match and amplify the old-school, yet contemporary sound of the song’.

Watch the sunny and exclusive premiere of the video it right here:

Selmer’s debut EP is planned for later this year, and they play by:Larm on March 1 and 3.