Norwegian duo Sgrow (Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard) released their debut album Terrors And Ecstasies back in 2015. For the follow-up, they’ve gone in a slightly more unusual direction. They’ve decided to release their second album, Circumstance as a two-part epic, with the first part having arrived in November last year. Now the second part, Circumstance II, is due next January, and in August they lead it off with the single You. And a couple of months later, they’ve released a video for You, and we’ve got the premiere right here.

You is an artfully crafted song, that blends the trip-hop edge of Nupen’s vocal with a gitchy, nervy club-ready electronica. It’s the kind of heavy, immersive song that makes the edges of reality blur, and now it’s got a lysergic, murky video that matches its mood. Director Linnea Syversen says:

When I read the ​lyrics t​o “You”, I got this immediate association to a person being in a destructive ​relationship. In the music video, I wanted to focus on the mental aspect of being in an unhealthy​ relationship and the feeling of losing oneself​ to an unstable and ​manipulative​ person​.  I did not want a traditional ‘bad boy​/love story​’​, so instead I wanted to create a story ​that showed the dynamics between two girls ​who are in something in between a friendship and a romantic relationship​.​ The band ​loved​ ​the ​idea and showed me a lot of trust in the production of the film, which I am very grateful for.

You is out now on Heart Baby, and Circumstance II is out early next year.