We’ve had quite a few encounters with Münster four-piece rock outfit somme partel over the course of the past year – avid readers might remember our sum-up of their 2017 performance at c/o pop Festival and our Daily Tune article about the band – but it’s only until recently that we’ve managed to get our hands on their upcoming release, which we are just as excited about. Their self-titled debut album has been in the works since 2016, when it was written by frontman Daniel Larsen in the Blue Mountains in Australia and recorded there and in Münster with his band, and is finally coming out on March 16 via Membran.

Friday marks the release of the first proper single from this debut after early 2017 single Sister’s Silhouette. It is entitled Amaryllis after a genus of flowers native to Southern Africa, and the track delivers on the promise. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is excited to exclusively premiere the track along with its colourful music video, which packs an uplifting spectrum of guitar-fuelled power pop and rock into its 4-minute runtime. Unsurprisingly, it’s a specimen of the flower that serves as the leitmotif to the video, but as the lyrics suggest, it is merely a metaphor to a person Larsen seemed to hold dearly.

‘Amaryllis and the idea to use this word as our song’s title was thought up by Helena, who also initially came up with the bassline. From there on, we practiced it in Daniel’s living room where it became a pop song. A few chords and choruses where added, we played it a couple more times, and there you have it.’

While we wait for somme partel’s debut LP to drop, have a listen and lose yourself in the spheric visuals of the Amaryllis below.