Anonymous Swedish producer Stainwasher debuted last year with the single Ruminate Forever, a heavy, gloomy piece of electronica. Now she’s back, with a debut EP, What Did I See, due out later this year. And before that, there’s even a new single, Time Lapse, which we’re delighted to premiere for you here today.

Time Lapse keeps a lot of the spirit of Ruminate Forever, but moves the sound in a different direction. It’s slower and lighter, pushing into soft, hazy shoegaze territory. She touches on Slowdive as an inspiration, and Time Lapse is definitely the closest she’s come to that sound yet, all graceful synths and spectral vocals. It drifts like a cloud floating past, an elegant song that starts off small before blooming into life. Stainwasher says:

I started working on Time Lapse because I needed a distraction. Of course music deserves better than just being a distraction, but for me that has been the main purpose with making and listen to music. My favourite escaping-music is probably also the main influence for the track, with bands like Mazzy Star, Slowdive and my all time favourite artist Nordpolen.

Time Lapse is out officially on Friday, and What Did I See is set for release later this year.