Formerly a member of Vaken and My Sound Of Silence, Umeå-hailing, Stockholm-based songwriter Therese Lithner released her debut solo single Drown in January. That track was heavy, dark gloom-rock, spinning around needling guitar lines and Lithner’s vocal, which effortlessly cast a chill over the entire song. It’s now got a video, and we have the premiere for you here today.

The Drown video isn’t exactly spectacularly complex, but it matches the song’s nerve-teasing edginess well. Two-tone shapes shift and blur across the screen, reaching around and slipping into your subconscious. Lithner says:

The video was made by the video artist Jakob Jennerholm Hammar. He had free reign to do what he wanted, and the result is beautiful I think. A little psychedelic and a little dark and driving, just like the song is.

Drown is out now on Lazy Octopus, and Therese Lithner‘s new EP is on the way later this spring. Check this video out below.