With the stunning amount of music we have to face on a daily basis it’s probably no surprise that we lost track with many artists every now and then. But it can also happen that they suddenly reappear on our radar and we get reminded why we fell in love with those bands in the first place. Wolfman from Zurich are such a band and we last talked about them in 2014, following the release of their debut album Unified. In the meantime Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto remained productive, released a new album as well as another EP called Sun Sun last year.

This week, the dynamic duo returns with a new remix EP built around the opening track from Sun Sun, called Mark My World. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION debuts the hypnotic music video for the track. Once again the duo teamed up with director Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler who already took care of 2013’s Won’t Be Tamed video (explaining the visual similarities between both clips). The trippy visuals clearly help to underline the hypnotic notion of the track which is a really lovely floating little pop gem. The Mark My World remix EP arrives on May 11 via Irascible Records and you are happily invited to follow the journey of Wolfman from now on (we’ll do our best to keep track as well this time), starting with this lovely music video right here.