Hip Hop Hooray! Yes, we know – we’re doing way too little on the whole ‘beats and rhymes’ front but on the other hand we really don’t want to bother you with all those mediocre trap artists and countless Kendrick rip-offs. But every now and then even us at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION can get exctited about hip hop and a band like The Lytics might even make you a true believer. The great thing about the Canadian four-piece is their dedication to the true originals of the genre when it comes to flow, music and also style.

In many ways their freshly released debut album Float On (the first ever hip hop release on Haldern Pop Records) feels like a much needed reminder of the genre’s roots. They remind us of A Tribe Called Quest, The Fugees and partly also a bit about Dr. Dre’s golden The Cronic era. Their songs got soul, warmth and a certain analogue feeling that spreads that beloved soul vibe you tend to miss in a lot of contemporary music’s rap. Oh, and their lyrics aren’t just about guns, b*tches and money which is also a plus.

Today, we’re debuting their brand new music video Hold On which follows The Lytics through various locations around Winnipeg. There are a lot of aesthetical ties to classic hip-hop locations of the 90s and early 2000s (apartment complexes, courtyards and fire escapes). Even from a technical perspectives they are combining the old with the new as they mix various film techniques – from super 8mm to 4k/HD – in one clip. The best from all eras – it’s a theme that really defines these guys. Jump on the hype train right now and don’t forget to catch the band on tour soon.