These guys are still way too underrated and it’s about time to change that, don’t you agree? A Dream (Pt 2) is the second single of Von Spar’s upcoming longplayer Under Pressure. And once again it’s another well crafted example of how this band simply surprises us when we didn’t expect. This time Von Spar’s very own machinery collects only the clearest coatings to build a catchy but still lofty synth pop track. Under this density an angel’s voice is rising. It’s no one else than the Canadian chansonnier Christopher Cummings, also known as Marker Starling, formerly known as Mantler and best known for his bitter sweet and soulful chamber pop melodies. This is not the first time, Cummings and the Cologne-based band collaborate. For their really great 2015 album Streetlife, the Canadian lent his voice on several songs. While he is usually a blue eyed soul crooner and Von Spar a krauty bunch of highly precise musicians, it’s these connection that creates new facets on both sides.

What we get to see in the new music is a not so colorful journey through the suburban landscapes of whatever-where deep down in the nothingness of Düsterland. A kindhearted afternoon sun gifts us with a golden shimmer in the front yards. And honestly, there are a lot of front yards. One man’s dream, another man nightmare. But you don’t need to go through this all alone. A furry fellow named Plum took most of these struggles so you don’t have to. Watch him, feel him and stay dreamy.