Earlier this summer we met with talented German indie folk band Walking On Rivers to take an extended walk through their hometown Dortmund ahead of their performance at the local Way Back When Festival. Now, this joyful little adventure gets a sweet reprise in the form of the band’s new music video Go To Waste which was actually shot at their delightful performance at the event. The playful piece is taken off the band’s upcoming new EP Off The Trails which arrives on February 8 (but actually already in physical form during the band’s hometown show this week).

In the slightly melancholic song leading man David Laudage takes a nostalgic look back on the time he toured with his previous hardcore punk band all over Europe. ‘For seven years we felt like pioneers never growing tired of collecting souvenirs,’ he sings in a sentimental way although there’s also a certain hopeful character within this track. Walking On Rivers continue to deliver heart-warming anthems for ‘urban bonfires’ and we surely hope they’ll find a spot in your heart as well.