blueneck-outpostBlueneck – ‘The Outpost’

Released on: Denovali Records

Sounds like: At times and especially in the opening track, From Beyond, lead singer Duncan Attwood’s voice is eerily similar to that of Phil Collins. Likewise, guitar solos throughout the album also nod to rock heroes such as GENESIS. Yet the intricate introduction of electronics and synths adds a new and exciting modern edge to the album.

Recommended because: You can imagine a typical post-rock crowd filled to the brim with a bunch of older men reveling in the memories of the old days. The Outpost however, attracts crowds both old and new; intricate layers of electronics, guitar solos and Attwood’s mesmerizing voice make the sound of the album both echoey and intriguing. The slower songs on the album such as Ghosts and Hypnos, are where the band is at its best. Psychedelic and almost haunting in places, its definitely worth a listen. (Anastasia)

Songs to check out: Ghosts, Hypnos, The White Ship

before-the-dawnKate Bush – ‘Before The Dawn’

Released on: Parlophone / Warner Music

Sounds like: The one, the only the magnificent KATE BUSH in all her glory which a few lucky ones could witness back in 2014 during her 22-night residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Recommended because: If you didn’t manage to dive into the musical world of KATE BUSH yet shame on you. But on the other hand, Before The Dawn offers a perfect first step into the magical cosmos of one of pop music’s most outstanding and unique artists of the past decades. Whether it’s Running Up The Hill or Top Of The City, the songs sill stand the test of time. This triple live-album is far more than an ordinary best-of (Wuthering Heights is missing, f.e.) but creates its own character, story arch and hypnotic maelstrom. BUSH herself said this is not the end of her career and hopefully just a taste of more greatness to come. (Norman)

Songs to check out: And Dream Of Sheep, Waking The Witch, Cloudbusting


hibernationImmanu El – ‘Hibernation’

Released on: Glitterhouse Records

Sounds like: The ultimate bastard of two unlikely parents: Pop and Post-Rock. You may simply call it Dream Pop by now but it still is deeply rooted within the edgy beauty of Scandinavian Post-Rock of the mid 00s.

Recommended because: IMMANU EL have been on a mission for 12 years now: To ground the often overly intellectual approach of Post-Rock. Over the years and throughout their albums the Swedes searched for possibilities of pop simplicity within the great gestures of cinematic music. This first record after an imposed hiatus of five years is by far IMMANU EL‘s most sublime attempt. The epicness of Voices, the catchiness of Omega, the moodiness of Dvala or Hours: this is highly recommendable material not only for fans. (Henning)

Songs to check out: Voices,  Omega, Hours

starboy-artworkThe Weeknd – ‘Starboy’

Released on: XO/ Republic Records

Sounds like: The new saviour of mainstream pop/R&B fully embracing his new position by providing an impressive and star-packed (DAFT PUNK, KENDRICK LAMAR, LANA DEL REY) third full-length.

Recommended because: Even after getting rid of his infamous haircut Abél Tesfaye moves THE WEEKND forward, this time in the form of his new alter ego, Starboy. The result is way too catchy mixture of retro-packed soul-pop with tender futuristic endeavours (The KENDRICK collabo Sidewalks might show it best). He ain’t even afraid to sample TEARS FOR FEARS in the unsurprisingly 80s-infected Secrets. Tesfaye can get away with it, thanks to voice and charisma. Starboy is the Top 40 album you are officially allowed to love. If this is the sound of ‘sellout’ count me in. (Norman)

Songs to check out: Starboy, Secrets, Sidewalks, I Feel It Coming

blank-tapeWorriedaboutsatan – ‘Blank Tape’

Released on: This Is It Forever

Sounds like: The cinematic brainchild of a guitar-lacking MOGWAI and BOARDS OF CANADA. Powerful ambient electronica, detached from time and space.

Recommended because: Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale aka WORRIEDABOUTSATAN deserve every possible attention, especially due to the fact that they are sill way too unknown. Blank Tapes is another thrilling journey into their eclectic soundscapes. From the wide spaces of The Tower And The Steward to the haunting vocal contribution by ANATHEMA singer Vincent Cavanagh on The Restless Wing: the duo seeks inspiration in varous genres, may it be neo classic or even metal. The result is a highly emotional little ambient music masterpiece that makes me question once again why Hollywood hasn’t knocked yet on their door regarding potential soundtrack work. (Norman)

Songs to check out: The Violent Sequence, The Restless Wing, Ravel