Immergut - Niklas Wolter

Photo by Niklas Wolter

If you love indie music, IMMERGUT FESTIVAL should definitely ring a bell. For more than 15 years, this small Festival in Neustrelitz, Germany, has been digging up the finest Indie bands for their line-up, giving them the stage amidst idyllic birchforests and lakes. Because of its unique familiy environment, we selected IMMERGUT FESTIVAL as one of our ‘Best Small European Festivals’ last year, and are more than ready to pack our bags for this year’s edition! Not convinced? Check out our quick list of reasons why you definitely shouldn’t miss IMMERGUT FESTIVAL this year and if you’re finally with us then you’d maybe have the chance to win tickets as well. Go!

1. It’s the perfect way to start your festival season

Let’s be honest: festival season is great, but also pretty exhausting. You should mentally prepare for another summer spent in camping areas (and another month’s salary spent on drinks). IMMERGUT FESTIVAL is a small, relaxed festival that eases you into the mood. With the camping area being right next to the festival area, you don’t have to freak out about shuttle busses or meeting arrangements with friends. Plus, no band is playing at the same time as another – which allows you to enjoy all of your favourite artists and to take a break once in a while.

2. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s woodland and lakes

IMMERGUT FESTIVAL takes place in Neustrelitz, a small town in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The town is situated in the Mecklenburg Lake District (German: Mecklenburgische Seenplatte or Seenland). It’s the largest coherent lake and canal region in Germany and is sometimes called “land of a thousand lakes”. Zierker Lake, as well as many other beautiful lakes, are within a 20 minute walk from the festival area. End of May is usually warm and sunny, so bring your bathing suit and enjoy a nice festival time-out.

3. The Line-Up

Obviously! As usual, the Line-Up at IMMERGUT FESTIVAL is tastefully selected. We look forward to none other than Erlend Øye, Ducktails, Battles, King Khan & The Shrines, Von Spar, The/Das, Trümmer, Element Of Crime, Oracles and many more!

4. The Magic

The german term “immer gut” means “Always good” – and that’s what IMMERGUT FESTIVAL basically is. The fact that it’s surrounded by mixed forests and numerous lakes, that it’s limited to 5000 visitors and that the whole festival area is designed and decorated with care means that goosebumps are guaranteed every year.

Immergut - Sebastian Gottschalk

Photo by Sebastian Gottschalk

5. Immergut’s own soccer championship (Immergutzocken)

IMMERGUT FESTIVAL‘s own soccer championship (Immergutzocken) takes place on saturday around lunch-time, quite near the festival area. Every year, IMMERGUT organizers form a team that challenges bands and media partners to an intensive match. If you’re not totally wasted (or even if you are), grab your friends, beers and sunglasses and go check them out!

6. The little red Cocktail waggon

IMMERGUT‘s little red Cocktail waggon adds a touch of colour to our drinking habits. Very friendly and very good looking people serve very strong and very good looking Cocktails here. I remember ordering “The Immergut” last year. That’s where my memory ends.

Immergut - Anne Tetzner

Photo by Anne Tetzner

Of course, there are many more reasons to buy your ticket for IMMERGUT FESTIVAL this year, but this should be enough, right? If for any reason you don’t have the money to attend this beauty then we are glad to help you out. We give away 2×2 tickets for the IMMERGUT FESTIVAL 2015. Just drop us a mail at with your full name and the subject ‘Immergut’. Good luck fellows! We hope to see you in Neustrelitz!

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