65daysofstatic - 65dos - wild light - album cover - 2013


1. Heat Death Infinity Splitter
2. Prisms
3. The Undertow
4. Blackspots
5. Sleepwalk City
6. Taipei
7. Unmake the Wild Light
8. Safe Passage



Whatever you might think about post-rock, 65DAYSOFSTATIC are more than just another band from this genre – and they always have been. Even more important: whatever you might know about 65DAYSOFSTATIC, forget it all. The band states “This is not the recent past when things were certain, this is the fractured now and none of us are keeping up. Nothing you’ve heard is true.” And yes, it is exactly like the quote at the very beginning of Wild Light, the new album by 65DAYSOFSTATIC, tells: “No one knows what is happening.”

Wild Light melts down to that white hot spoint where sound melts into sound and pushes each sound to the verge of crumbling into noise. “Wild Light is a 65DAYSOFSTATIC that 65DAYSOFSTATIC never thought they’d be. ” Well, somehow this is where music leads and somehow this is exactly what 65DAYSOFSTATIC fans hoped for: the next step. Fans of the band’s 2010 album We Were Exploding Anyway will love Wild Light. And also fans of the band’s 2011 soundtrack Silent Running will do so, since the new album is the result of combining both.

It is an album to get lost in thoughts, but at the same time one that you can listen to while driving car. It slows down and it accelerates at the same time. Music that is both deeply relaxing and stirring. “No one knows what is happening”…until you finally listen to 65DAYSOFSTATIC‘s new album Wild Light. The band tells that they “are myths of each other, in each other’s lives.” And so also their music is a myth, a myth that you will deeply fall in love with. If you never found access to post-rock music then this one might change your thoughts. If you never found access to 65DAYSOFSTATIC then Wild Light might change your thoughts. Wild Light‘s eight songs are stunning, breathtaking and will blow you away. “No one knows what is happening”…until it gets finally released on September 16th.