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Who doesn’t know Abbey Road? Associated with world’s most famous pop rock band (yes, talking about the Beatles here), the legendary studios decided to launch an educational Institute for those who want to dive into the world of Engineering and Music Production. Brilliant, isn’t it? But wait. You’re German – do you have to relocate to study all these? The answer is no! Since the program ran successfully for a year in the UK, Australia and France, the Abbey Road professionals decided to share their knowledge with the German kids. In March 2016, two studios will open, both in Berlin and Frankfurt for a year-long course. A Munich studio will open later on, as well. The focus areas of the courses are music theory, audio engineering and acoustics, as well as management and Music Business. The Abbey Road Institute team consists of carefully selected lecturers, very experienced both in teaching and industry. Let’s go through the application requirements!

Who can apply for the Abbey Road courses?

Basically, everyone who’s 18+, has, at least, medium education, has a proof of musical training and/or musical theory training or knowledge and his/her Englisch are good.

As said, the course lasts for a year. You can literally apply now.

If you’re interested or you have more questions you can find more details on the Institute’s website.

What does studying at the Abbey Road Institute guarantee to you?

First of all, you’ll get to learn from people who have already succeeded in the Music Industry and are willing to share with you every little inch of their knowledge. During your studies, you’ll be able to use the studio rooms and equipment to practice what you picked up. You’ll graduate with an advanced diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Production while you’ll also have a good insight into the music industry and business, which is very important if you’re aiming to succeed as a music professional. It all sounds very interesting, don’t you think?

Abbey Road Institute Students

Photos courtesy of the Abbey Road Institute. For more info about the courses, feel invited to visit their website.