Gay rights violated in Russia

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In Russia, a new law was passed which makes it illegal to talk positive about homosexuality in front of children and in the media. That also counts for foreigners who just visit the country. High money fines can be imposed. In other words: In a still democratic country, although having alarming autocratic tendencies, an opinion which is promoted and celebrated around the world, is now officially forbidden. Mr. President Putin, this is a scandal! Even more scandalous is the fact that both chambers of the Russian parliament have passed the law.

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Screenshot from video

Also the Russian officials have noticed that discriminating homosexuality is more than problematic, and therefore have chosen an even more nasty formulation: You can be arrested, sued and expelled the country, if you talk positively about “non traditional sexual relations”. Whatever that expands to. The paragraph “not in front of children” is another delicate detail, defaming positive information about different forms of sexuality as something dangerous. In 2013 it is not about to explain why this is completely unacceptable. It is about raising our voice, the least we can do.

Anticipating opposition from all around the world, President Putin already said that he doesn’t want “other countries to interfere in Russia’s legislation.” Sorry, this is not about legislation in some countries, this is about humanity and our responsibility to fight for human rights. Furthermore, would I as a citizen of the EU be affected, if I post something on twitter while being in Russia, or writing this very article. I think this is enough to “interfere in the legislation”.

How that looks in practice became again obvious two days ago at a Pride march in St. Petersburg. Dozens of people raising their voice against the new law have been attacked and arrested by the police. Serious violence is happening here threatening the freedom of speech and living. The gay liberation organization ALLOUT pools protests against such practices, initiates petitions and raises money to help spreading the word. Get involved and sign the petition to show Russian leaders that you do not agree:

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Mr. President Putin, this is the 21st century and you want to make us believe you are a modern leader. Of course we never took that and we watch you building up the smart form of a dictatorship since years. You took another step too far. This is not about gas, this is about people. Stop it!

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