Asos All NighterThe well known online-store ASOS is definitely not only into the things what it is known for, fashion and beauty. That ASOS is also into music gets proved with the All Nighter Party that soon will also take place. On December 12th, the store that every month counts about 21,3 million visitors (worldwide) brings the hottest musical acts, DJs and producers from the field of electronic music together – at the first global online-house-parties.

The line-up consists of JESSIE WARE, MOUNT KIMBIE, ELIPHINO and IS TROPICAL, who all will play a combination of exclusive live performances and DJ sets.

There will be three house parties worldwide: one in Australia, one in North-America and one in the UK. All three events will be broadcasted live on Start will be on December 12th at 7pm (CET) in the UK. The All Nighter event will be headlined by singer, songwriter and festival-star JESSIE WARE, who just toured the USA with her new album Devotion. She will play an exclusive and acoustic set backed up by a guitarist, violinists and cellists.

It’s great to be headlining the ASOS All Nighter, it’s the first time we’ve had a string section and I’ve got a surprise addition to my set. (JESSIE WARE)

The unique thing about the ASOS All Nighter is that users can directly influence the program: the number of people who visit the website control when the contents will be published. The more people on the website, the more friends they bring and the more content they share via social networks, the more sets and interviews will be set to public.

As every house party, the ASOS All Nighter will take place in different rooms – a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom. All concerts will be in the living room, while all concerts will be in the kitchen. Furthermore there will be a live-contest about the best Instagram Party-Selfie in the bathroom. The virtual party guests will have the possibility to go from room to room to find exactly the things they like the most.

During the party there will also be several dance contests in the living room. Different dancers will compete against each other in interactive videos to get the guests votes.

We’re excited to be part of the ASOS All Nighter with some of our favourite bands along side our favourite clothes store. (Dominic Apa, IS TROPICAL)

I’m really excited to be part of the ASOS All Nighter – especially to be the only DJ on a line up of such varied and exciting artists. (ELIPHINO)

The ASOS All Nighter is part of the bigger ASOS #TodayIs and #TonightIs campaign. #TodayIs started in September as a row of daily happenings on the ASOS website. These happenings are made to inspire people to make the best out of every day – and every night – and to fascinate them for the upcoming 24 hours.

ASOS wants to present music, that will be listened passionately, to its customers. From AZELIA BANKS and ELLIE GOULDING – the stars of the 2013 #bestnightever campaign – to HAIM and LEENA DUNHAM to LADY GAGA, who where honored with an ASOS magazine cover before they got world famous. So ASOS is well-known for supporting musical acts as well as new talents. And so does ASOS with the All Nighter once again. Make sure to tune in on on December 12th. Also make sure to RVSP to the Facebook Event.

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