stargazeThose who were at the STARGAZE PRESENTS festival will remember the three days with pleasure. To those who could not be there, we recommend to watch the little video the stargaze team recently released.

It shows not only the highlights of the event, which took place in February at the historic Berlin Volksbühne, but also the process of rehearsing.

As co-founder André de Ridder told NBHAP in an interview, the festival should connect like-minded artists who are both classically trained and inspired by pop and electronic music. Those artists were for instance MOUSE ON MARS, HOLY OTHERMY BRIGHTEST DIAMONDTHE BELL LABORATORY and the pianist NILS FRAHM. The latter really liked the tasteful rock’n’roll atmosphere of the Volksbühne as he said in an interview with us. There was even a string quartet that played a piece by THE NATIONAL guitarist BRYCE DESSNER, who also works as a composer (read the interview about his second passion here).

Thanks to those musicians and the unique and innovative mix of genres, the event was a complete success as the sold out Volksbühne and the enthusiastic audience showed (read the review here). The STARGAZE team doesn’t know yet if there will be a continuation next year. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep you updated. Have a look at the STARGAZE video below.