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Spot on BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE, who finally released his highly anticipated debut EP Cornerstone. Already last year the EP was released in France, where he currently resides. Now Cornerstone is available worldwide. The singer songwriter tells that he “would like to be considered a poet & an artist, someday” (as told in an interview with This Is Fake DIY). And yes, BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE is more than just another singer songwriter. With his new EP he proves that he got everything to become world famous.

Benjamin Clementine - Cornerstone EP cover 2014


1. Cornerstone
2. I Won’t Complain
3. London

The EP starts with the title track Cornerstone, which already created a huge hype in the blogosphere in 2013. In December BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE played four shows at Trans Musicales de Rennes, one of the most important festivals in Europe. Trans Musicales is known for being the festival where you can discover the musical zeitgeist of our time. After this NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION named BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE‘s Cornerstone EP one of the ten most anticipated records of 2014. Now that the EP is out, there can be no doubt that this is just that start of something really big.

I Won’t Complain, the second song on the EP is simply another wonderful track by the musical genius. The song closes with the words “Oh my good days are far gone / They’ll surely come back one more / So I won’t, I won’t complain.” Well, BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE good days might be far gone, but his best days are definitely not far away. Probably the best days start at Eurosonic Festival, which is, besides The Great Escape Festival, the most important festival for the European music industry.

London is the third (and last) song on Cornerstone. In fact it is the only new song, since Cornerstone and I Won’t Complain were already released earlier. “London, London, London is calling you. What are you waiting for, what are you searching for?” Interesting, because this exceptional artist was born in Crystal Palace, London, grew up in Edmonton and later decided to move to Paris, where he learned the “French way of writing and expressing oneself”. London is calling him now? Sure, probably he’ll have thousands of fans who want to see him live soon.

With his new EP “Cornerstone“ BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE proves that he is more than just a singer songwriter. With his raw and powerful voice, he will break through in 2014. He already took our breath.

NBHAP Rating: 4/5

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