SoliNaR stands for Solidarische Nachbarschaft im Richardkiez and it’a philanthropy project based in Neukölln, the alternative and most multi-culti borough of Berlin. Their mission is to bring together neighbors from different age groups, social and cultural backgrounds. How do they achieve that? Simply, by being creative. For example, the neighbors can meet at the weekly cooking group or at the Berlin sight-seeing tour. As for the little ones, SoliNaR‘s organizing art and craft events. Because everyone deserves to have fun and meet new friends. They’re also part of a language school where migrants and refugees can learn German.

‘The opportunity to create initial connections between new and old neighbours’

As you’ve probably heard, there is a great influx of refugees in Europe and especially in Berlin. SoliNaR couldn’t but find ways to support and give a warm welcome to the people who come to Berlin after a long and in most cases tragic trip. What they offer, together with the volunteers of their neighborhood, is a mentoring program for the refugees, where they can get medical or bureaucratical advice and get connected with a German speaking buddy who supports them in daily life. SoliNaR‘s calling it ‘the refugee buddy program’.

In order to collect money for supplies to help the refugees, they’re organizing a concert with special guests. We asked them for a statement and this is what they told us on the event:

Songs of Solidarity on November 13 is a fundraising event to finance welcome bags containing winter items, hygiene products etc for the refugees in our language school. Moreover, the concert offers the opportunity to create initial connections between new and old neighbours. We’re very happy to have some wonderful musicians playing for us – Ufuk Erdogan, a student at our language school, who plays the traditional Turkish instrument called Saz, Loucielle a wonderful Berlin-based singer and an ensemble of classical musicians from the Deutsche Oper orchestra. Come along for a special evening dedicated to music and global friendship!

If you find yourself in Berlin and you’d like to spend a special evening and even make new friends, this might be a great event for you. It’s this Friday (13/11/15), at 19.00 and where else? In Hertzbergstrasse 1, in Neukölln. Here’s the information you need on Facebook.

Flyer courtesy of SoliNaR.