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NBHAP presents: Berlin Music Week 2013

No doubt, when it comes to music Berlin is probably Europe’s the most important city right now. And definitely one of the most in the world. Because of this Berlin has its own music week with a name that couldn’t be easier (and more effective at the same time): Berlin Music Week. What are the innovations, trends and startup-concepts that will rule the world of music and creativity in the next years? Which musical rough diamonds could be the next stars? From September 4th-8th Berlin will show what it has, at least in the musical sense. Two days of conferences for music professionals, four club-nights, a weekend at the river (Spree), and two festival days (Berlin Festival) at the former airport Tempelhof. With BJÖRK, BLUR and PET SHOP BOYS, three huge acts are announced to play during these days. But of besides the huge acts also small and unknown acts will play. Although they’ll not play at the Berlin Festival, but also during the Berlin Music Week. Where? At the its very own showcase events titled “First We Take Berlin”. So bands like STILL PARADE, MIGHTY OAKS, BIPOLAR SUNSHINE, JULIUS GALE, ROOSEVELT, MC FITTI and many more are already announced to take Berlin first (and maybe the rest of the world right after the Berlin Music Week).

Besides the Berlin Festival and the First We Take Berlin Showcase Events, the Berlin Music Week will have a great Conference Program for which several points got unveiled at the official press conference:

  • together with Chris Kaskie (from pitchfork) the role of music journalism in the time of social media will be discussed
  • different forms of utilization of music will be discussed with Eric McKay (from vevo)
  • in the conference “diversity” the new perspectives of different parts of the music business and music culture will be discussed: how did the Swedish music industry manage the switch from piracy to streaming (Spotify)? How did the Brazilian concert network Fora Do Eixo organize itself with no financial support and more than 30.000 signed artists? Which role had and has the Arab Spring for music?
  • and many more

Furthermore the VUT Indie Days will be held during the Berlin Music Week 2013 again. The VUT Indie Days are one of the main points of Berlin Music Week’s conference program (which is simply called “WORD!”, while the musical program is called “SOUND!”) and will include:

  • “Parliament” – the official get together of all VUT members.
  • “Panel” – the congress part of the Indie Days, including workshops and discussions.
  • “Products” – the part to come together, network and make new connections. Relevant people from all branch institutions can be met.
  • “And one more thing…” (as Steve Jobs always said): the VUT Indie Days 2013 will end with a world premiere: at the very end the Germany indie award will be given away for six categories. There will be only one selection criterion: pure awesomeness!
  • So take your calendar and make sure that you’ll be in Berlin from September 4th-8th to visit Berlin Music Week, which will be presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. It’ll be worth it. Promised!


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