Europe's Best Mid-Sized Festivals 2014

Last week we brought you a list of the Best Small Sized Festivals 2014; now we’ve taken it up a notch and gone bigger and better. If you like things a little more organised but not over-commericalised then look no further. These Mid Sized festivals offer multiple stages, brilliant facilities, both camping and hotel accommodation and out-of-this-world locations. From an English island to an Norwegian castle, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION went across the continent to scratch up the perfect list for you. Displaying an eclectic mix of rock, pop and electronic music, these festivals will have you dancing into the early hours and beyond. So get ready to soak up some sun, a little bit of culture and a lot alcohol because, festivals-revellers, you’re going to have one hedonistic summer. Simply click through the following pages for Europe’s Best Mid Sized festivals of 2014. Only hard bit? Deciding which one to pick. But hey, maybe that’s part of the fun too, enjoy!

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