Europe's Best Small Festival 2014

There are tons of festivals all over Europe. Small, mid-sized and major festival. With local and with international acts. With electronic music, rock, pop and metal. It gets harder and harder to stay informed what’s going on in the festival landscape. And even more it gets harder and harder to decide for one of the many festivals.

That you won’t get lost this year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION put up a list of Europe’s best festivals 2014. If you like cozy atmospheres with music loving people, who visit festivals because of the music and not because of the massive party then this is for you. If you just like to get amazingly drunk and are not interested in the music then this won’t be interesting for you, because then you should rather aim for major festivals, a club or a bar.

On the following pages you can find Europe’s best small festivals of 2014. Enjoy!