Brunetto 2014

Brunetto - Sheroine - Album Cover 2014


01. Evergreen (feat. I AM DIVE)
02. Childs Of God
03. Kidult (feat. Fede Weiss)
04. Your Roof Your Rules
05. War Games (feat. Young Quincy)
06. Citizen Zombie
07. Survivor (feat. New5ense)
08. Sheroine
09. Kuklinski (feat. ACCD)
10. Cinnamon (feat. Veronica Mey)

BRUNETTO is a musician, composer, DJ and music journalist born in Seville but now based in Barcelona, Spain. His passion for music far exceeds that one by Tim Burton for skinny animated characters. 80’s funky-rap and trip hop, 90’s rockiest big beats and post-dubstep, IDM and present future bass music is what he calls his inspiration. And this all is what his new album Sheroine, which was shortly released via Irregular, includes. A magical, romantic mix of different musical styles.

While recording and composing ‘Sheroine’, Brunetto took inspiration from the genres that have remained close to his heart along his years as a multifaceted artist, hence the constant presence of 90’s UK Hard Hop, break beats, ambient pop, IDM, avant-rock and the current wave of hip hop crossovers. He flows through all of these influences seamlessly, to create an album as diverse, danceable and thought-inducing that pays homage to the genres he loves, while bringing mew elements to the table.

By the way: the word ‘Sheroine’ is an invention by BRUNETTO, who tried to find a word that expresses the love for his favourite comic stories. ‘An ambiguous compound word, considering its association with the narcotic derived from morphine. None of this is an accident, as ‘Sheroine’ also functions as the title to BRUNETTO’s triumphant return to the long-playing format, with music as suggestive and trance inducing as such a name deserves.’.

Several clubs had BRUNETTO as resident DJ: Bauhaus, Funclub, Sumo, Elefunk, Jackson, Demo and many more. Furthermore he played Sónar, Move, Klubbers Day, Space of Sound, Territorios, Electroshock, Observatori, coordinated music for Nokia, Red Bull and Suzuki events, and put his musical imprint on Adidas in countries like Canada, Germany and France. After three solo albums (Déjalo así Bru, Homeself and B+), soundtracks for documentaries (La casa de las sirenas, El fantasma de los deseos…), music for commercials (SAS, Pezqueñines, Barbadillos, Ikea, Baumann, Casio Exilim Lab), interactive books (Guía de buceo de la Isla del Hierro y Tenerife, César redivido), and remixes for artists like PULSHAR. TRICKY, BOMB THE BASS, THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE, LASERS, ANIKA SADE, his fourth full-length album, Sheroine, is finally out now. And with Sheroine BRUNETTO brings an eclectic mix of acts like BOARDS OF CANADA, U.N.K.L.E, DEATH IN VEGAS, ORBITAL, DUST BROTHERS, TRENTEMØLLER, MONDKOPF, AGENT PROVOCATEUT, WARP, CHOPING and VANGELIS. All done in a way that simply sounds like the one and only BRUNETTO.

Sheroine is a must-listen for everyone who likes the compilation of good ideas, organic melodies that are sometimes a bit ethereal, broken beats, deepness and some dance elements – all mixed up with magic and a romantic flavour.

BRUNETTO‘s new album Sheroine is a magical, romantic mix of different musical styles. A must-listen for fans of – special – electronic music.

NBHAP Rating: 3.5/5