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Hey guys, have you ever heard of folktronica? Well apparently, it’s a mix of folk and electronic music. When I saw the word folktronica, I wasn’t convinced that the two genres would complement each other – to be honest, I never heard of the word (and I consider myself to have a diverse musical knowledge!)

I have a horrible feeling that this concoction of genres is not going to sit well with most people.

Well Jason Garriotte, the mastermind behind CHORDS OF TRUTH, is planning to set the world on fire with this genre. Mixing folk and electronic music wasn’t initially in this American singer/songwriter’s plan. In 2011, Garriotte released his debut album, Reflections Of Reality, which is a straight-up folk production. Unexpectedly, it became very popular in the electronic music world for its ‘mind-expanding lyrics’. So Garriotte took advantage of this opportunity, worked with various producers and – Reflections of Reality Remixed was born.

Released on March 17, the double album features 26 tracks with different mixes that you can never imagine…not in a million years! I have to say that after listening to the album, I was bitterly disappointed…bitterly disappointed that I was WRONG! Some of the tracks can easily fill the dance floors at any clubs. Take time out and listen to: Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix) and The Power To Be Alive (LORDBRET Progressive Remix). Garriotte’s classic folk vocals works really well with the whole electronic dance productions. He also tried his luck with dubstep with the track, Pop or Soda (Venumb Dubstep Remix) – again I was a bit cynical – but after listening to the track, well I have a sneaky feeling that it will go down very well in the dubstep world. Note to true dubsteppers: before you leave this page, have a listen!

Reflections Of Reality Remixed is an impressive collection of diverse remixes. After writing this review, I have to say that I’m now a fan of folktronica!

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Disc 1

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Disc 2