CKSNL - Orlando


1. Orlando (Original Mix)
2. Kristal
3. Orlando (Ooft! Vox Mix)
4. Orlando (Ooft! Dub Mix)
5. Orlando (Instrumental Mix)




This year’s summer still does take its time to arrive. So we have to conjure up our very own sunshine and beach party feelings. And probably it works out best with the help of some warming sounds and uplifting house grooves as they are given to us by the two young men of CKSNL (pronounced Coksinelle). The duo is one of the newest discoveries from Leeds based record label Baker Street Recordings. After their recent remix of Out Of This State from Rob Pearson aka THE INHABITANTS – the EP was also released via Baker Street – the two guys now are giving their full Baker Street debut with the EP Orlando.

With a well-cushioned bass, funky synth lines, warm pads and interspersed vocal samples the title track unfolds a charming French house vibe that immediately shows where the strengths of CKSNL lie. And the summery moods increase with the slowly coming in second track Kristal, a very smooth and relaxing one with its wafting synth waves and echoing vocals which, in spite of it all, radiate a slightly melancholic undertone.

On the flipside the British producer Ali Herron aka OOFT! – known for his deep, pitched-down house tracks he already has released on labels such as Instruments of Rapture, Delusions of Grandeur and his own imprint Foto Recordings – contributes two remixes of the title track. On his Vox Mix he adds some grooving rhythmic elements while playing around with the vocal hook from the original and his Dub Mix employs an arpeggiated synth line and swelling sounds giving the track at the same time a more colourful and nightly aura.